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1. Decide on a day of the week, a time, and a location for departure. Also decide if the convoy is recurring each week.


2. Plan your route. You may want to drive down the busiest streets to get more attention, or through neighbourhoods to bring the movement right to our fellow Canadians, or both! Whatever you decide is fine, but plan in advance!

3. Spread the word to like minded message boards or simply tell all your friends and family to join you.


4. Please contact us so we can add you to the list of Freedom Convoys across Canada. No convoy is too small!


5. Decorate your vehicle with signs and flags and tell others to do the same.


6. Assign a lead vehicle (if not you) to guide everyone around your community, with occasional stops to regroup. Remember to honk, wave, and smile! We are not alone!

Traffic Jam


1.  Consider publishing a map with the intended route in case anyone gets separated. 

2.  For communication, consider creating a Zello channel.  

3.  Make stops in the parking lots of big box stores to re-group and get more attention. 

4.  Unity honks! The sounds of the horn is becoming symbolic of the movement. At each stop, honk all together for at least 10    


5.  Bring extra flags to share with other convoyers.


It is the job of the police to uphold the law, protect our rights, and keep us safe. Many of them support the freedom convoy movement, even though they may not be able to state that publicly. Let's show them some courtesy and kindness.


Police Car Lights

Obviously, obey all traffic laws and drive very carefully.  Do not block traffic. If it's a slow roll convoy (or if you must pull over), put on your hazard lights. Remember to be respectful of other drivers who may not share our opinions.

If your convoy is expected to be large, consider making a courtesy phone call to your local detachment. They may want to escort you, and permits may have to be issued in certain circumstances.


If you are pulled over, you may record the encounter, but also give the officer the benefit of the doubt. They may be acting under duress.

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